Thursday, June 14, 2007

Running In Circles

Are you in a situation that feels hopeless and unchangeable? This book can help you find hope again.

"Much of the secret of life is learning to get off the hamster wheel of fruitless suffering while remaining on the Potter's wheel. Kim will help you learn the difference. Read on."~From the foreword by John Ortberg, author of God is Closer Than You Think.

Kim Engelmann grew up in a highly dysfunctional home, she lived a tense and lonely life, enduring verbal and spiritual abuse from her mother while her father denied the existence of any problems. Her earnest prayers combined with efforts to be a better daughter brought no relief from the emotional and spiritual suffering. Later, the negative thought and behavior patterns were repeated in her marriage. She was stuck on a "hamster wheel" - running in endless circles that led nowhere.
But she found hope. Kim was able to move from the hamster wheel to the "potter's wheel" - the revolutionary process of being transformed through suffering. As the potter shapes the clay into a beautiful and functional work, so are we changed and redeemed by Christ as we work through our pain.

In Running in Circles you will learn,
  • how the wrong kind of spiritual language keeps us stuck
  • how to change your thinking from blame and judgment to forgiveness and grace
  • how to allow God to mold you into his image
  • suggestions for prayer that can transform
SPEAKING EVENT: July 30th, 2007 at 7pm
Meet Kim Engelmann at a Q & A and book signing at Keplers Bookstore in Menlo Park, California

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


2007: Running in Circles, Madison: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, forthcoming

2006: “Reflections on 1 Corinthians 13, The Love Chapter,” Leadership Journal, Spring issue with the theme “The State of the Leadership Art,” forthcoming.

2005: A Walk with God through Friendship, Nashville: Dimensions for Living, 2005, 63 pages

2004: Seeing Jesus: Glimpses of God in My Life, Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2004, 88 pages

2003: My Abuser, My Friend (Meditative Readings for Women in Abusive Relationships), Menlo Park, California: Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, 2003

1999: “A Christening Prayer,” in Family Celebrations: Prayers, Poems, and Toasts for Every Occasion, June Cotner, Kansas City, Missouri: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 1999, pg. 66.

1995: The Joona Trilogy, Book 1, The Journey to Joona, NavPress, 1995

1995: The Joona Trilogy, Book 2, Defenders of Joona, NavPress, 1995

1995: The Joona Trilogy, Book 3, The Crown of Joona, NavPress, 1995

Associate Editor, “Conversation Guide,” in Conversations: A Forum for Authentic Transformation, Atlanta, Georgia, published quarterly

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Walk With God Through Friendship

Friendship is one of God's greatest gifts. In this little volume, author Kim. V. Engelmann explores the topic with thoughtfulness, humor, and grace. She presents more than sixty meditations, including:

              • Friendship and Barbecues
              • God's Redial Button
              • Mustard See Moments
              • Learning to Trust

Each meditation begins with a Scripture reference and ends with a prayer, making the book suitable for both personal and group devotions.

2005: A Walk with God through Friendship, Nashville: Dimensions for Living, 2005, 63 pages

Friday, June 8, 2007

Seeing Jesus: Glimpses of God in My Life

What does it mean to "see Jesus"?

The miracles of God are all around us, but can we see them? ... Do we take them in? Can we really see them with our eyes, our minds, our hearts? [This book] encourages us to "open our eyes" and see the presnsence of Jesus.
-From the Foreward by James W. Moore, Senior Pastor of St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas.

"One of the great joys of this past year is I get to sit under the teaching of Kim Engelmann. Now, you do too! She is creative, thoughtful, grace-aware, and deeply in love with Jesus. And she will help you to be as well."
-John Ortberg, Teaching Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Though Jesus is an ever-present reality in our lives, we often fail to recognize his presence. In this series of short reflections, Kim V. Engelmann reminds us that God is at work in our daily lives-surrounding us, sustaining us, and empowering us. Learning to "see Jesus," to experience Jesus, and to recognize Jesus' presence in our lives is a lifelong journey. Seeing Jesus will help sharpen your vision and deepen your awareness so you can see the signposts of grace more clearly along the way.

2004: Seeing Jesus: Glimpses of God in My Life, Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2004, 88 pages

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Conversation Guide: Fall 05

Conversation Guide is a feature of the Conversations journal in which at least one article from each section is selected for small group discussion. We provide you with a summary and discussion questions with the hope that each issue of Conversations may morph into a thematic resource for spiritual formation groups.